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Helium Development Roadmap & Progress

Helium _ Architecture Forum _ March 2022.pdf

Discussion Topics

Helium Dev

  • Related to Helium 1.x Tableau embedding
    • HE-9423 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Localisation of Jasper reports by injecting Java into Jasper Reports
  • Troublesome (very slow) deployments due to scripts that create materialised views
    • Proposal to not drop views as part of deployment
    • Proposal to create materialised view with no data during deployment
    • Clarification on when Helium does schema upgrades: Any upgrade that changes the internal hash representing the data model and sql scripts


  • Feature request:  HE-9424 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Issue where front-end seemingly times out before the configured time (as configured for the Helium process monitor). Back-end process keeps running. Issue is intermittent, and does not seem to correlate with load on the Platform.
    • Suggestion was to create a Jira ticket to be treated as a Support Request / Fault.
      • HE-9427 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Suggestion for an additional discussion on
    • the data export service (for CSV exports) and
    • potentially implementing CSV uploads for Helium 2 based product

DevOps & Rest of Operations

  • Suggestion to all teams to consider using CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY when creating indexes (to avoid table level locks).
  • Mention of front-end components / framework being developed as part of the MFW 2 development effort.
  • Operational challenges related to eLabs enrolments.

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