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  • Password reset functionality for Support Agents.
  • Status reports for mobile users.
  • Deactivation of mobile clients to reduce the risk of unauthorised access to application data.
  • View and download mobile client crash reports.
  • Remote troubleshooting and corrective actions for mobile clients.
  • Users can change the number of rows displayed by data tables
  • Tagging of outgoing SMS message to leverage the Outbound SMS routing system to customise sender IDs based on the tags found in messages.
  • Developers can customise the title of the Comment button in the wall widget.
  • Reduce the likelihood of DSL applications sending duplicate or roque sms messages to users.
  • Developers can change the names of application roles displayed to users in the web applications.
  • Minor improvement that ensures that the web application redirects to the login page with a URL that will redirect back to the originally requested page in situations where a user's session has timed out.
  • Fix for a minor bug that resulted in Angular JS directives being displayed when users resized the web application's home page to the extend where the number of visible main menu items changed.
  • Apps default to the system locale and time zone 
  • User registration details & Pin capture have been merged into a single screen 
  • PIN numbers must be exactly 4 digits long 
  • User, app and role selection; and pin capture have been merged into a single login screen 
  • Application download now runs in the background while the user enters their personal details (during registration) 
  • New registrations can be started from the login screen 
  • The server is now selected separately for each application instance 
  • Fix for HEL-63 Clicking on app inside Helium web sends you to login page.
  • Fix for HEL-69 Helium web portal over HTTPS still loads some resources over HTTP.
  • Users can use the "Can't Access" menu item to reset their PIN number from the Login screen (required password). 
  • Developers can now extract all of the application databases from the Developer Screen using the "Dump Databases to SD" button. 
  • Columns named with SQL reserved words will now synchronise correctly to the Android client. 
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